The Lambton Wellness at Work Committee exists to support wellness initiatives for Sarnia Lambton workplaces. The committee is a partnership of community members and organizations striving to achieve a workforce that is in the Sarnia Lambton region. The committee plans professional development opportunities and shares resources for local employers and workers. The committee’s main focus will be with employers; inclusive of all workers, including volunteers.

Upcoming Events:

Mental health week is May 1 to 7. Find great resources to support yourself and your staff below.

Past Events Have Included:


Creating a Psychologically Safe Work Environment – Access the slide Deck for Creating a Psychologically Safe Work Environment here

Psychologically Safe Leadership Through COVID-19, in Partnership with Workplace Safety and Prevention Services

Good Nutrition During a Pandemic & How to Improve Brain Health, in Partnership with the Rapids Family Health Team

Improving Well Being at Work, in Partnership with St Clair Child & Youth Services

Lambton Wellness at Work members include: